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My family won't allow me to marry early

Right after knowing that I’m three months pregnant, my boyfriend and I decided to tie the knot already.
We both love each other and I know that the baby I’m carrying inside my womb right now is a blessing.
But we have a problem.
After telling this to my family, they were so mad.
They told me I am still young for marriage.
But I replied that I’m not anymore.
I already have a work, and my boyfriend is financially secured already! But they won’t still allow me.
They still want me to work in a foreign country and improve myself more.
I don’t understand them! They’re being selfish to me.
What should I do?

1 Answers


As a christian, having a child before weldlock is a sin. BUT since you are already pregnant, first ask GOD for forgiveness and also from your parents for their blessing while you work out things on blessing of marriage. Thanks & God bless you.

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