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pornographic material

I just found out a couple of days ago that my husband has been exchanging pornographic pictures and videos with some girls and he engages in dirty talk as well with them.
I felt so disgusted and cheated because on numerous occasions he's denied me sex.

3 Answers

Xena69 Answered:

Counsel counsel counsel . Make the appintment and if he asked tell him you both have to go and save your marriage.. He needs help. Two years is just the beginning of a marriage. I wish you peace . Xena69

Manessharmony Answered:

Hey well if he has a porn problem it can or will lead to some big things. He should get some kind of help, counseling. So it can, will lead to big things in ur marriage if he dont stop. Porn is a hard addiction getting rid of. So u guys need to talk it out and see where it goes.

Graham Answered:

This can be a grave idea in your husband's mind. I think you guys need to talk, councelling will surely help. Somehow, you need to know what is he thinking and to what gravity is his thoughts inclined towards such things. I am pretty sure this problem can be solved. Sometimes, old men have this paradoxical idea to have sex or share intimacy with nymphets. I think your husband might be suffering from this idea. It is still not a disease and any idea can be thrown out of mind.

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