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​ Pressure to get married. What do I do?

For someone being religious, following the commandments given is not difficult anymore.
But if the commandment is all about marrying as long as you have found the one is a different story already.
In our church, we have an organization called the “young single adults”.
We are a group of young individuals who have been called to serve the church and its members.
Of course, for a group who have been together for years, love will eventually bloom to each other.
Weeks from now, some of our group members are getting married.
Our leaders are telling us to do the same.
Now I’m pressured.
To be honest, I have a foreign feeling to this girl who’s new to our organization.
I really want to court her but she’s so new she might get terrified.
What do I do? 

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, Don't worry, feel free to share this with people who are somewhere pressurising you for marriage. It's your choice completely as only you are going to lead your future ahead, so you should be very confident about your decision. If you think you're ready to take this responsibility and resourcefully sound at the same time, you can plan for marriage anytime you want. Coming to the girl on whom you seem to have a crush, I feel you should spend some time together to know each other better. And afterwards, if you find her compatible with you, you can openly express your feelings to her. I have surfed a few write-ups that can help you get more clarity about marriage and how to prepare yourself for it. Hope! you soon get to know her more! Have a happy future!


Replied on Aug 29, 2018

Hi! Thank you so much for the links you've provided.
Gonna read those after writing this.
Thank you for your advice too.
It is life-changing indeed.

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