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I long for a genuine kind of love. So lonely.

I’m so depressed and lonely.
I’ve been alone for a long time and I’m finally having the guts to share my feelings to someone, be it online strangers.
I feel like this is a big accomplishment for me alone being able to express myself after all this time.
I know some of you will find me pathetic or even desperate but I don’t care.
I’m not asking for anything from anyone except for some consoling words for me to have a slight sense of hope that everything will turn out okay for me.
I’m starting to lose hope in waking up everyday and I just feel the need to talk to someone, anyone.
I just want to love myself.
Why is loving me so hard and impossible? 

1 Answers


Welcome! Love your courage here and thanks for being honest and opening up here in the community! We don't bite! Can I please say that it has probably taken a lot to come out to talk about yourself with us :) Would you like to go a little further and express why you think loving you is hard and impossible? I am sure the right people would think otherwise. Did you want to let me know how you are feeling now? Have you had a good day?

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