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My wife is very high maintenance. What should I do?

I am working in private sector.
I married 8 years ago.
My wife is very high maintenance.
She spends a lot of money on things that are silly in my opinion, like makeup.
I like to care for her but I can not afford this, what should I do?

3 Answers

Peebee Answered:

Tell yr wife straight away, dat u will have an open affair if she does not control her spendings.....,.if it works good, if not, u r doomed.

Graham Answered:

Well, there can be 3 cases. 1. Both work and you have this policy that the money irrespective of who earns it belong to both of you. You have made plans about how you will invest it and spend it in future. In this case, she is doing wrong and you surely need to talk to her about that. In this case, both of you have to agree mutually on all the major expenditures. 2. Both work but you guys spend your own money and do not consider each other's money as same. I think you should not have much problem if this is the case. She is spending her own money and this shouldn't hurt you. 3. Wife doesn't work. Well, in this case, you guys can only spend with mutual consensus. I am assuming yours is the first case in which your wife works and you work as well. But somehow you are trying to save money and don't like the extra spending by your wife. You are right. I think you should talk to your wife about it and highlight the importance of not spending money on such things and reach to a mutual decision in which either your expenditure for the month is fixed and rest goes to saving or anything else that suits your needs.

N_marriage Answered:

Is she spending your money? If that is the case then you should speak up and tell her that she needs to curtail her expenses on redundant stuff. However if she is a working woman and spends her own money, then you should not have any problem with that.

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