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My soulmate broke up with me. I’m lost.

I’ve met this amazing girl during my recent annual Ukraine ski trip a few years ago.
We were together for about 4 years now and out of the blue, she decided to cut things off.
I’m totally lost and I’m a mess.
I still love her as much as the first day I laid my eyes on her but I’m heartbroken knowing she doesn’t feel the same.
I honestly don’t know what I did wrong.
Wasn’t I enough? I still want her back but she’s pretty serious with living separate lives now.
I don’t know what to do.

1 Answers


Hey! It's okay if she doesn't feel the same for you now. It's very natural to happen. And, it won't take much time for you to heal out of this. You will be fine soon. Sometimes, what happens is when you stay too involved in each other, things start to mess around. And this is what affects a relationship a lot. I suggest, give each other some time to observe. And, if that time won't work out, try to express yourself and your feelings to her. Communicate with her regarding this. It will help you to find a solution to this problem. And if that too doesn't work, seek counselor’s help. Have patience, understand things first and then look for a mutual conclusion which can suit both of you. Good Luck!

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