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My Japanese girlfriend won’t submit

The gorgeous Japanese girl I’ve been dating for a month has decided that she doesn’t want to submit to me sexually.
 Outside the bedroom she’s everything an Asian girl is supposed to be: quiet, demure, charming, beautiful, apolitical, gracious, and calm.
But in bed she seems to think she should have control.
She knows this is wrong but keeps up her bad attitude anyway? How do I get her to embrace her submissiveness during sex?

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

Sound like a medical problem like hormonal imbalance or she has a affair partner, the first step is to get her to visit doctor to determine reasons for her low sex drive. On the average married couples have sex 1.5 times a week (some higher and some lower obviously). Unmarried is higher at an average of 3 times a week. Do you have a static sexual ritual, time of day and position? Try experimenting with different sequencing, activities and positions. Spice up with a little kink like role play or bsdm. If always in missionary position, try l taking her doggy style for a change of pace (most popular position for asians) . Do you and her socialize together? Does she dress and act sexy around you ? Does she brag about you to friends? Do you send her love messages with sexy exposed selfies on occasion to excite her ? Does she stay out at night without excuses? You should tell her if she doesn't start treating you as her lover who needs romance from her significant other you will find someone who will treat you properly as a man.  

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