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How do I help her feel better?

My girlfriend has really low self-esteem and confidence.
We’re very open in our relationship, and she’s told me that this is the reason why she can be very insecure sometimes too.
Well, I recently landed a gig doing some high fashion photo shoots for a local magazine.
I’m a photographer, so I spend a decent amount of time at work being around Colombian, Lima, Australian, Kiev, and even Thai ladies who are models.
This has only made her more insecure and since she gained a lot of weight lately, I know she’s been feeling really down with her self-image.
How do I help her feel better about herself? She’s a beautiful woman and I don’t care about how much she weighs and all the other physical stuff.
All that doesn’t matter because I love her, but I don’t just don’t think it’s enough for her anymore.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


Good to know that you love people irrespective of how they look externally. It’s a good quality and I appreciate that.

See, coming to her looks, I understand perceived flaws in one’s appearance can lead to great distress. But here, I think if you express/share your true feelings with her, It can help to develop confidence in her. This can help her get rid of such thoughts because it doesn’t matter to you at all.

Make her realize that appearance doesn't matter to you. Or, it's fine if she's putting on weight which is very natural to happen.

Due to your professional commitments, you often travel, meet models, spend time around beautiful ladies which could be a possible reason for her low-self esteem.

I suggest you should motivate her to generate that spirit in her to look after her appearance.

You can also suggest her to approach gym or Zumba classes for better results.

This will keep her mind busy and therefore, by meeting new people and making new friends will help her build social confidence. If uncomfortable to go personally, she can also connect with online counselors, therapists for a positive advice.

Stay healthy!

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