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Do I have to take in my brother's wife?

So, the situation goes like this.
My half brother got married last year to this woman he met through a foreign marriage agency.
Granted, he and I were never really close, but we are the only family we’ve got.
Long story short, the woman moved here in the US and doesn’t have any family or friends here.
 My half brother died a month ago from a stroke, so she’s left alone in a foreign country.
He wasn’t well off by any means, so he didn’t really leave much for her.
She can hardly speak decent English too, so I imagine it’s hard for her to get a job.
My question is, am I legally required to take her in?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Good to know that you are concerned about your half brother's wife.

So, coming to your question- there's no any law stating that if one brother dies, the other sibling has to marry the wife of the deceased husband.

That means there is no any compulsion for you to marry her. To help her, you can willingly fund her until she gets a decent job.

Or, you can also help her get a stable job and then it's your decision whether you want to keep supporting her financially or not.

You can also fix a counseling session with a legal counselor to help her find a way out of this problem.

Or, you can directly ask her to consult a therapist who can help her in resolving problematic behaviours, beliefs and feelings.

She can also approach online counselors/therapists for a quick solution.
Good Luck!

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