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He's so cheap!

My husband is a very established business professional.
In fact, we both own profitable businesses.
We own our home and several other properties.
We have nice vehicles and can afford the finer things in life.
But, my issues with my husband are his cheap ways.
He believes in coupon clipping and never paying retail price for anything.
He’ll even go as far as to debate a reduction in pricing at the dollar store because the bottle has a slight dent or there’s dust on the item.
He’s driving me insane, please enlighten me!

3 Answers

Love12lost Answered:

Be thankful your husband is fragile. We have learned as a 36 year old couple to save, budget, and manage our money down to the penny. People call us cheap all the time but we don’t want or need for anything. Learn to smile and walk it off.

Zaro_gab Answered:

It is rather funny to hear you complain about his cheap ways. My husband is so the opposite and wastes more money than we can afford. It drives me crazy. I’ve talked with him about his poor spending habits but nothing changes. Be thankful for what you have.

Patrick_kei Answered:

Your husband is cheap! There’s nothing else to your story.

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