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New to the online dating scene. Any tips for a noob?

I need some tips on filling out my new woman profile for this online dating website I signed up on.
I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m eager to go out with eligible single men from my area.
How do I spice up my profile so that men will feel drawn to it? The only thing I’ve done is posted a current profile photo of me.
I don’t know what to write down on my description, so I really need help with this part!

3 Answers

Seb345 Answered:

You should totally for it. It's nothing to be ashamed of because this is extremely common and everyone is doing it these days. I’m sure there are a lot of decent people in your area and you won’t have any problems finding someone that will make you feel good and beautiful and treasured. I move around the world a lot and I usually meet my partners via online dating so it’s very convenient and there is a lot of information you can find online. 

Olivia88 Answered:

First, ask yourself: how your dear ones describe you? What kind of person are you, what is your profession, your hobby or some special interest, how you want to spend your free time? Do you love to travel, have some pets or just wanna walk or watch TV? Write what comes to your mind first, but be honest and always talk about positive things. You need to tell the person who is reading who you are in your own words. And there is no rule about how to do it. Write it just like you should speak it in person. Don't be shy. People are not always expecting to read a drawn story on your profile, they want to hear information about you and as much as natural it sounds it is better. Think about the things I mentioned above and the words will start appearing one by one. There is nothing difficult, just be yourself. It is great that you had put a current profile picture and if you have more than one just put it on. People would love to see more pictures of you. Always mention your best habits and success in life and avoid to talk about things that people should not know at all. Always tell the truth, but not tell everything. Discover new things about yourself one by one. It the end, it is not interesting to serve of the information on the beginning. I wish you good luck.

Ruston8 Answered:

You have come to the right and done a very good job. I also love online dating as well. And joined this community a while ago.

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