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Husband hates me!

Married 5 together 13.
Husband isnt caring.
He belittles me, calls me the c word says my job is useless, and that I'm lazy.
I work FT, go to school FT, and take care of house.
We don't communicate at all, have no trust, and I don't know what to do.
He doesnt support my goals and we have never had any deep conversations.
I can only do what he wants and he doesnt care about my passions.
Every time I go to leave he changes for a month then eventually goes back to the same old.

2 Answers

Ruston8 Answered:

This is always irritating if your huband hates you. Anyways, you should be frank and talk to him about this to know the issue. Thanks!

Jives9867 Answered:

Sounds like emotional abuse. I'm sure he doesnt hate you. He belittles and controls you as a way to control his fears and anxieties. I grew up in a household like this and unfortunately became this way with my wife. I strongly recommend reading stuff by dr. Steven stonsy. He writes books for the person being abused and the abuser. It helped me figure out my issues and how to control my fears and anxieties with out controlling my wife anymore and saved my marriage.

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