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Badly need wedding ideas, help!

It’s my wedding five months from now and we badly need ideas because everyone’s mind is not working right now and I, as the bride, cannot even think of what I really want to have on my wedding day.
I want something simple yet unique.
Something that suits for Colombian women and bride.
Can you help me out with this? Thanks! I will really appreciate your comments!

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey :) 

Congratulations to you first of all.

Good to know that you are going to marry soon. I know how chaotic it becomes to select a perfect attire for a wedding and that too when the person itself is the Bride. 

But I have a quick solution to your problem.

Just take some time out and check out this website-  As the name suggests, Its a website dedicated to every bit of information regarding Marriage, wedding, and everything that surrounds it.

The website can take you through an abundance of content; creative ideas for marriage; tips for wedding couture, hairstyles, jewelry, destinations, and finances; 

To simplify your task, I am sharing a few links that can help you out in grabbing the requisite information. It's a category that can take you to endless blogs on the wedding and everything in its periphery. These blogs are written by the expert bloggers to provide the best of the wedding advice, tips and suggestions. 

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