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She's bossy and it's killing me.

My girlfriend is the most bossy person I know and everytime she tells me what to do, my love for her slowly fades.
I love her genuinely--- it isn’t something questionable.
But her attitude is very suffocating.
I sometimes don’t feel that she’s really loving me coz it doesn’t seem like it.
One time, I told her I’m breaking up with her because I can’t handle her anymore.
Yet, she said she will kill herself if I leave her.
I don’t know what to do anymore.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


Relax, It's fine if she's bossy in nature. People with such characteristics tend to act arrogantly and are dominating to some extent. But, by heart, they are generally sensitive.

It really depends on you how you react to her thoughts. In fact, it's good to be around a girl who is strong in her thoughts and words.
You might learn a lot from her. the context to understand her vision, her thought process.

For instance, if she gives you a suggestion about something important, rather reacting to it, you must accept it and understand the purpose and importance of her decision. Try to analyze the reason for her such opinion.

People with such traits, sometimes, has the quality to forecast expected adversities promptly. And are always up for sharing an experienced advice with whom they care for.

But, I believe at last your decisions are up to you. Take them wisely. Accept suggestions as they make you learn something new but do what you think will satisfy you.

Also, a healthy humour can help you convey your thoughts in a more acceptable manner. As much as romance, humour too is necessary to flow a relationship swimmingly in the long run.

As you mentioned above: " One time, I told her I’m breaking up with her because I can’t handle her anymore. Yet, she said she will kill herself if I leave her"

Out of stress or sudden conflicts, people tend to say such things. It's common.

But I understand it's a statement of concern. You should make her realize that it's not a solution to any problem and nor should she bring these creepy thoughts in her head.

Make her feel how important she is to you and how much you want her in your life.

I suggest, discuss with her, this thing can only be sorted out through a healthy conversation. Or you can seek the help of a counselor to seek a better advice or solution to this problem.

Good Luck!

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