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My wife refuses to see my side of things. She ignores me. She is indifferent to my needs. Help

Whenever we are having a conversation abouth my needs she brushes me off like I’m not relevant and should not even be expecting her to try and get along.
I know we most likely need a divorce but our current financial situation unnallows me to do so.
We have three kids together and I do my best to not react improperly in front of them but it seems so impossible at times due to her indifference.
Can anyone help with this? Have any of you had a case like this where your partner is indifferent to you and your needs and doesn’t seem to care about your emotions?

2 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


Hope you are doing well.

I can understand what you might have been going through.

Good to know that you avoid being indifferent in front of kids. You are quite a dad.

See, I know you are bound to your responsibilities. But you must have a concrete conversation with your wife regarding her role in your marriage.

Try to understand her point of view. Perhaps she is upset or angry about something. Express your side of the story, what you feel about her and ask the same.

Also, subtly make her notice her inappropriate attitude towards you in front of the kids.

Go to a marriage counselor before considering divorce as the final option. Also, discuss the future of your children.

I suggest consulting a counselor with whom you can share things in more details can help you find a perfect solution to the problem.

Good Luck!


Replied on Sep 13, 2018

Thank you for such helpful answer, I have suggested a councelor several times.
I guess I’ll just keep at it.
Also, I do try to figure out what makes her uncomfortable or just not pleased with her relationship with me and she either dissembles or avoids the subject altogether.
I will look for that councelor though, seems to me that if we are going to separate, the least I can do is find out the reasons why.

Sejays Answered:

Seek first to meet your wife's needs and she will meet yours. What's you wife's love language? Does she like spending time with you, being served and helped doing tasks, gifts or touch? When you love your wife the was she likes to be loved she will naturally love you back. The best husbands are the ones that love even when they are not getting anything back.


Replied on Sep 07, 2018

a marriage consists of both being equally invested, unlike your suggestion

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