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Got invited to ex's cousin's birthday. Should I go?

When my ex and I were still together, her cousin had invited me to her 18th birthday.
I was really close with her family so I said yes.
That was a few months ago so I thought it wouldn’t matter anymore.
Then I got this invitation on the mail earlier this week.
I was surprised to be honest.
It was a foreign circumstance to me.
I’ve never been friends with exes let alone their families after a break up.
I’m wondering if I should go to the birthday or not.
The cousin and I talk once in a while.
As a matter of fact, I got a text the same day as the invitation saying I should go her cousin be damned.
I don’t know if it’s appropriate.
Should I go???

1 Answers

Superadmin Answered:


Well, I think, that you should see if you are comfortable to encounter people with whom you had never spoken after your break up. It's nice of her cousin that she still invited you with the same respect and consideration. It's good.

I don't know if you should get bothered about the presence of your ex there. But, I think you shouldn't hurt a birthday girl on her celebration day.

In many ways, you can sort this matter out.

# You can visit the party venue for like an hour so that the birthday girl won't get offended that you didn't turn up.
# If you really not in the mood to face your ex, you can at least send the birthday girl a small present as a token of love. But, with a logical excuse for not attending her birthday.
# If you want to sort out all your glitches with an ex, her family, you can formally greet all of them at the party. This will help you stay calm without being stressed about thinking what your ex might think if you ignore her at her own cousin's party. 
# Or you can simply go to the party, enjoy to your fullest, make the day memorable for you and the birthday girl too. I believe this can will help you get a break from work/study and create a friendly bond with your ex's cousin.

Good Luck!

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