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Is she hinting? Are Colombian women really shy?

So, there’s this girl that I like.
A friend of a friend who was introduced to me at some party.
It was all platonic at first then I started to feel something.
As cliche as it sounds, I get butterflies whenever she’s around.
We talk but not really that much in person.
Although, we keep talking thru messaging apps.
Eventually we got to the topic of liking someone but getting too scared to take a chance.
It was just a topic in passing tbh but our conversation turned differently.
She told me that if I don’t take the chance of telling the person I like, I’ll never know if they like me back.
She even said it’s up to me if I want to take the risk and skip all future regrets or not at all and live with my what ifs.
Does she know I’m into her? Is she hinting at something? Are most, if not all, Colombian women really shy like her? Why can’t she take the risk with me if she is? Women can confess to men too, right? 

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