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Should I stop working with him?

Been working with my husband forever.
Recently we have been having issues with our marriage.
Should I find another job? If i do, is it saying that I think the marriage is over?

2 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


Good to know that you connect each other on professional lines as well.

And, just think, maybe this could be the reason for such a problem.

Sometimes due to too much involvement of partners in something leads to differences. Which is why it’s better to discuss with your husband about this. Discuss that you are planning to switch your job and see what he thinks about it. 

Ask him, if he's comfortable with your decision. Or, you can also take a break from work as long as you want. This way you can observe if this healthy separation is working for you.

You can also speak with marriage counselors, couple therapists who primarily focuses on recognizing and resolving couple conflicts and improve relationships. Good Luck!

Ruston8 Answered:

If you are not okey working with you husband. I think you should quit and find another job for yourself.

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