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My younger sister is getting spoiled.

As an older brother, I don’t want to see my sister struggling with her school works.
Since it is inevitable for students, I pamper her with everything she wants in return for her hard work at school.
However, I have observed that she’s getting spoiled through time.
She’s starting to ask me expensive stuffs.
Three weeks ago, she told me she will be her school’s representative for the national spelling bee.
If she will be able to get the first place, she’ll win free tour to Hongkong.
And just last night, she told me she actually got the first place.
With that, she asked me to buy her a Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera for her tour which is very expensive for me.
I’m so glad for her achievements and will always be but I don’t think it will be good if I buy her one.
I realized that somehow, it’s my fault why she becomes a spoiled brat.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, See, it's fine if she is asking you to buy her something. It's good that she places you in a position in her life where she is comfortable enough to share her desires/needs with you. Do not overstep your financial capacity in pursuit of fulfilling all her whims. This is certainly not a solution to a problem. If today you buy her an expensive camera, tomorrow she will ask for something bigger than this. Because she knows that you can afford it and that you will not refuse her needs. This way, you both might end up in a spat. So the better thing to do is to confess her that what she is demanding doesn’t suit your pocket (I know you can afford but then you have to frame it in a way that she understands her limitations for future as well). So, now instead of denying her demands straight away, you can please her by asking to buy something else. It could be any alternative cheaper camera or could be anything other than a camera. Try to understand her need for the camera. Also, make her realize that there are tons of alternatives for that. She can use her phone (if she has). But try to negotiate and come to a healthy conclusion. Talk calmly, so she doesn't get offended. Also, ask her age-appropriate questions.

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