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My preggy gf doesn't want to see me.

My pregnant girlfriend threaten men to abort our baby if I show up during her pregnancy stage until the baby comes out.
I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to see me and is only asking me for financial support.
She’s making me feel bad.
She doesn’t want me to be there for her.
It makes me think she’s not glad of being pregnant.
I don’t know what her reasons are but for the baby’s sake, I stayed away from her and now I’m a thousand miles away.
A foreign friend of mine told me that maybe it’s because of her hormones.
But it doesn’t seem like it.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, This situation sounds critical. Is there anything else that happened between you and that's why you think she's ignoring you? Well, I think you deserve to see her, meet her and do all that is needed to be done on an expecting parent's part. Since you haven't taken me through anything else than the above note, I think, there is something majorly disturbing her. Analyse, introspect if you did something wrong to her unintentionally. In such a state when you know nothing is working out, drop her a letter or a message or an invitation for lunch where you can spend some time with her. This way perhaps you will find out what went wrong between you that she's so upset with you. Also, visit her with an excuse to have a conversation regarding the finance. Or you can simply say that you want to book a bed for her delivery and for that he wants her signature on the papers. This way you can make any excuse or perhaps get a chance to see/ meet her. And once you meet her, be expressive and try to express your love. Also, if you think you might have done something wrong in past, apologize her for that. Try every bit to understand the scenario. Make her realize that if she won't share the reason with you, then you have to consult a counselor. You can also approach a legal counselor to know how you can financially support her or your baby's needs. Both can help you arrange a meeting where you can confront her and ask for a logical reason for her distant attitude towards you. Stay positive.

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