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It's just not the same without her.

I know it’s been more than a year already, but I still miss her terribly.
I tried everything.
I picked up new hobbies, traveled the country for a bit, joined some dream tours for singles events and started dating again, but nothing seems to work.
It’s just not the same without her.
Maybe I should try getting her back? I don’t know.
Last I heard was she’s happily with some guy she met at her new job.
I know it’s been so long since our breakup, but I really wanna give us another shot.
Should I go for it?

2 Answers

AnanthiM Answered:

Just text or call her, tell her that I miss you so I called you to know about you Is everything good at your side. And explain to her everything how you feeling now. Just express it.

Roeshell Answered:


I hope everything is ok with you. By investing your time in something productive than feeling bad about your separation from her, It’s good that you are trying every bit not to get affected by your breakup much. I understand, that you still miss her. But now that you know she is happy with someone else, I think you shouldn't interfere in her (now) personal life. 
But possibly there is a solution as well.

You can ask for a healthy meet and greet and share what you feel about her. At least, let her know that you still have feelings for her. And then, see what she has to say about it. Try to come out with a solution rationally. I think if this is bothering you and affecting you mentally, you must share this with her once. Trust me, you will feel relieved, relaxed and positive about your present and future.
You never know, maybe she too, feels the same for you or she may ask you to stay like a friend for some time and later she can reassess if there is a possibility for a relationship in future. And if she disagrees with any future association, then it’s good for you that you can now concentrate in your present, your work, your family and, especially, your mental health.
Just share your thought with her and together find a solution for it.

Don't think much. Stay healthy and focused on your priorities. There is much more in life than just a one-sided love.

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