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Feeling Disrespected

My husband is always so hateful, not just with me but in general.
Lately, he’s been very rude with me in front of guests.
With the guests he’s always polite and courteous.
Just yesterday he started going off on me in front of the kids.
Anything I find interesting he thinks it’s garbage like the shows I watch, hobbies or even taste in music.
I know couples have different interest, but he’s always insulting what I like or me for liking it.
He’s also very selfish.
Whenever I want to do something and he complies he complains the entire time.
He likes camping and outdoor stuff which we do often because he enjoys it and I want the kids to be able to spend time with him as a family.
I feel like I’m rambling now, but I’m just at a loss.
I’m so hurt over this.
I’ve spoken to him about it before and he just apologizes and he’s good for a couple weeks and then he’s back to his mean ways.
Can someone please give me some advice?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, Just calm down. Don't be so sad about the mistake of someone else. You are not at fault here, your husband is. That means he's lacking in performing his job well be it as a Father or a Husband. However, you really don't need to be upset about it. I understand that there has to be a healthy and a respectful relationship between spouses but I'm also aware of the fact that husbands sometimes act arrogantly. Which is disturbing to some extent but then we shouldn't forget that we are bound in a family where we mutually have to compromise with things to make things flow smoothly. I liked that he understands and respect your opinion whenever you discuss this matter and in fact, he too tries to improvise him on that aspect. It's a clear signal that he is an understanding person but loses his temper sometimes and scolds you for different reasons. Trust me, if he is apologizing for his mistake and considering that he is wrong at his behavior, believe me, things are still under your control. A healthy discussion and a polite way to correct him whenever he behaves badly with you can improve things. Keep this process constant and don't lose hope. Don't worry, TODAY OR TOMORROW, things will change. Once, your children grow up, things will change. Gradually, you will build a sense of mutual respect and a healthy co-dependence on each other. Also, it would be a good idea if you both undergo marital counseling.

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