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Husband breaking down over ex fiance death what do i do?

My Husband is grieving over the death of an Ex-Fiance.
He spent $2000 on a credit card for her funeral, jewelry for her mother and sister.
My husband missed almost a week of work and basically ignored our daughter on her birthday.
He has been crying,Drinking heavily, and listening to her favorite music while looking at her social media photos.
I feel betrayed and heartbroken.
What do I do? It has been a year and he still stars at her photos and talks to her sister.
We have a family and I get the feeling I am not his true love.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, To start with my opinion, I think, I must take you through the fact that far-gone relationships sometimes do create issues at the present time. It's all about love. If your husband is too much carried away with the demise of his ex-fiance, there has been a very strong bond he shared with her. But on a positive note, just try to focus on the fact that the lady is now no more. That means your problem is half solved. You don't need to worry more about your husband showing too much concern towards her death. The possible solution I can figure out here is that 'YOU' shouldn't affect yourself for that matter. But yes his exaggerated concern towards her family is an issue. And, it's just a matter of time. Because, her family too needs support or someone to console them, someone to help them mentally to come-over the sudden shock. So, that's why they are getting dependent or your husband and your husband are involving in them. But in the mid of this chaos, all you need to focus on is Enjoying yourself, living up your time rather being mentally pressured about the circumstances. Your calm and positive behavior will certainly bring more positivity and much needed cheerful ambience in the house. And, perhaps, your husband too will realize that he must move on and try to be more positive and practical with the situations. Take care of yourself and don't worry too much. Gradually, he will move on and things will fall in place again.

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