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My wife can't drive!

I hate to be honest but my wife can’t drive.
She has torn up three cars in the last two years, and has received several tickets and a warning to have her license suspended.
I’m afraid to tell her she needs driving lessons.
Help me, someone!

3 Answers

Micheal_209 Answered:

If your wife continues to keep up her reckless driving, she’ll regret her actions more than ever. Don’t blame yourself for her reckless driving but don’t allow her to drive with your children in the car.

Family_forever Answered:

If you love your wife, then you would help her out. Take her off your insurance and make her get her own. It’s not worth the extra money.

Bhugis Answered:

Honesty is the best policy. I paid for my wife to learn how to drive after having her license suspended for one year. She loves me more than ever.

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