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I feel like my husband doesn't really care.

Our son recently passed away and it’s been really hard for me.
He was only 17 years old for heaven’s sake, he shouldn’t have been taken away from me so early on in his life! It all started when my husband signed up for a win free tour contest for an all expense paid trip to an Alaskan ski resort.
After much begging, we finally allowed our son to go on the more complicated slopes.
He ended up missing for a few hours before the rescue team finally found him.
It was pointless though, because he died on the way to the hospital.
I know that people grieve in their own way, but I just feel like my husband doesn’t really care about our son’s death.
He comes home late nearly every night, proceeds to eat the meal I cooked for him, drinks a bottle or two of beer on the couch, before flopping on the bed next to me to sleep.
Meanwhile, I lay in bed unable to sleep despite feeling exhausted.
Since his death and the funeral, we never even talked about it.
What’s the best thing to do? Should I confront him about my feelings, or let him be? I just feel like we both need each other in this time of grieving, and him being too distant about it isn’t helping at all.

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