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Losing attraction.

I have been married to my wife for just over eight years.
 Our sex life has come to a halt.
 I think she is physically very attractive and she has everything that turns me on, but recently the thought of sex with her seem very foreign.
 I have no desire to actually have sex with her, even though my libido is soaring.
 I Don’t know if this is a true feeling, or a subconscious reaction to her not showing much interest either.
Is this at all normal?

2 Answers

Kwaps2017 Answered:

I think it's the lack of interest from her side which is probabaly having a domino affect. My husband has no interest in me at all, i adore him, would love to just rip his clothes off but now bvecuase we've become so distant intimately my passion for him is just disappearing.

Ambery_Haeg Answered:

I think it's normal -- and its often a hard thing to dscuss evidently, I think when the other one isn't showing interest it's half of it, so maybe finding ways to make it interesting can help both of you -- not sure if you have thought about chaning anything.

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