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Is it okay to stay friends after break up?

There’s a big argument whether two people can stay friends after a break up.
I was wondering if we can really be friends with the people we used to love.
My ex girlfriend and I have long been broken up but until today we kept a civil relationship.
When asked, we consider each other as friends.
I’m just not sure if this is actually a good idea for the both of us.
I’ve tried talking to a top foreign dating coach from this online site and they said it could result to another heartbreak but it can be good too.
I want to know what others online has to say about this.

1 Answers

AnanthiM Answered:

After break up, you might be friends but I think There will be so many awkward things will come into the picture. As you were dating already those good moments spend by together. And suddenly act like just friend will be a tough one. You might get jealous if someone starts going on a date. This feels after breakups And you might fall in love a once again.

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