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Can divorced couple get back together?

My parents got divorced when I was three years old.
Few years after, my mom found a new lover and they have an eight-year old kid now.
However, they’re not married.
My mom refused to do so.
My dad on the other hand, did not even try to remarry.
Yes, he dates women from USA but never planned of marrying again.
Four months ago, my mom broke with his new lover because of third party.
Just recently, I have noticed that my dad and mom are getting along well.
My dad even suggested to pay a visit at my mom’s house.
 As far as I could remember, they were not in good terms before, so I was thinking something is going on.
Can they still get back together after eighteen years of being separated?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, Of course! They definitely can, If they wish to.
Sometimes, it's not the right time for people to be together. But, maybe now is the good time to give their relationship a new chance or a new start.

With struggles and experiences, people understand the meaning of life and primarily acknowledge what true love is. It's a very positive signal that both of them are sharing a good bond together now after 18 years of separation. That means, things can fall into place if sorted out patiently and calmly. I hope you are in good terms with both, so I believe, you must give it a start to discuss re-marriage with each other separately.
Let them know what you think about this idea. Possibilities are that perhaps they might be worried about you as what would you think if they return into a relationship again and that too after 18 years when both have their own personal histories. You better talk to them on a personal note and try to figure out what they both think. Then if you find some similarities, try to arrange a healthy meeting where three of you can discuss this matter and come to a mutual conclusion.
I just hope things flow smoothly and you will have a happy family all together. Or, you can ask them to consult a marriage counselor about this important issue.
 Take care!

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