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How do I tell dad not to remarry?

Our parents have been separated ever since I was still young.
It has been 14 years since then and it is true that both my mom and dad have been seeing other people.
In fact, my mom got married again after five years of separation, this time with a foreign man.
Dad, on the other hand, have just been casually dating.
It was a problem at first because he brings his girlfriends at home but we just adjusted to it.
We never actually thought he would ever want to get married again since his separation with mom because he was only into casual dating.
I also don’t think it would be a good idea since his fiancee is just older than me by five years.
How do I tell him not to remarry without making him upset?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, It all depends on how comfortable you are with them as your parents and what bond you share with your father's fiancee. There might be something that clicked between your father and her current girlfriend, to consider remarrying. For this, analyze what his (your father) opinion is and if you still think that your father is making a wrong decision, that's when you can share your opinion about it. Also, let him know about the bond you share with her fiancee (if it's not that good). Tell him that you are fine with his decision of getting married but you would really appreciate, if he (your father) makes a well- informed decision, so he doesn't get married again, only to regret later. It's not new that people plan to re-marry but yes marrying an inappropriate match could create a big mess in the future. This is where your father really has to give a thought before taking this step.

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