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Disrespectful relation in my married life

Hi, i have been married from 9 years.
Since then i have changed alot.
I am having two children one is 7 and other is 2.
Me and my husband shared beautifull memories togather.
He is a typical asian man( who thinks mens are always right).
He gave me tough years by stopping me to contact my family amd often blame me literly for everything.
For example if the mobile charger is not working, i am responsible for that.
 He had job issues few years back.
He even called me i was unlucky for him because everything was happend due to me.
I am a strong person and knows my right and succeed interms of changing alot of his behaviour.
One think i could never change is( he still feel happy to blame me) according to him i am stubun, arrogent.
 He felt proud that he changed me and always says i am still having alot of issues.
After so many years i felt broken.
Less tempered on same shit.
I want him to stamd by me whenever i need him.
But thats never happend.
I helped him all the way around whenever he needed.
Now i feel like loosing my self.
I got the feeling i am ful of mistake.
He expect me to do alot do job, takecare of children, handel home and kids other reponsibilities.
I am happy to do that as well but i need respect that i deserve.
I need apperciation that i am standing beside him.
Not like responsible for all bad thing and for all good he os genious.
I have thought about divorce 1000 time.
Even said to him many time.
He can’t live without me i know but he is nit understanding my side.
I am not working at the moment.
 Honestly we had love marriage but i feel now that love is disapear somewhere.
The only thing is lift proving my self all the time that i can do this or that without appericiation.
I want to runaway without thinking but my children are the only happiness i have right now.
I can,t give the proper facilities by my own.
I am looking for the job but until then i need some advice how to handel for now.
I am full and loosing my hope.

1 Answers

IdkWhy42 Answered:

Clearly, your husband is the problem. If he can't change, then divorce is the reasonable thing to do. If you're looking for a more stable financial situation before you leave, it will help to talk to your family about your situation and ask for their help and support as well.

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