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Found a picture of my husband with a co-worker.

My husband took a picture at a company function with two male and one female coworker.
The problem for me is he cropped out the 2 males and zoomed in on himself and this female coworker.
When I confronted him he said it was no big deal he was just playing and learning to crop pictures.
He had previously sent her pictures of his hometown and told me she's never been to Chicago.
We didn't fight I just told him he was crossing the line, he's her boss and should not have such a close friendship.
He swore he had no interest in her but the picture screams otherwise.
Am I being overly concerned?

1 Answers

IdkWhy42 Answered:

Have you met the woman? It's normal to feel concerned about something like this, but you may feel more at ease if you were to get to know her personally yourself. That way you'll be more trusting of her and know that she isn't interested in your husband.


Replied on Jul 31, 2018

I haven't met her, I do know she's on her 3rd husband.
We have had a previous infidelity issue with a different employee years back, that's why I'm so concerned.

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