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Did she sleep with another man

So I noticed my wife became increasingly distant over the past couple months.
Tuned out according to phone records she was texting a guy she worked with a lot and it’s a job that does not require this.
I confronted her she said it was nothing and they only talked a little.
According to the records it was a lie they were texting several times a day and hundreds of texts a week.
I told her to end it and she said she would well turned out she began instagram messaging the guy to get around being caught I found out she had been to his house after work for a few hours multiple times.
When I confronted her she said she was wrong for going but nothing happened.
She is adment she didn’t sleep with him but why would she be over there and she will not stop takimg to him?

3 Answers

I strongly suggest you stop confronting her because that will make her to be keeping secrets from you. Act as if you believed her that nothing is happening between her and the guy, I know is not easy to do but you have to do it so you can secretly monitor her without her being aware of it. With this, you can get her red-handed in the act. 

Vanessa35 Answered:

I feel you should just monitor her for a while dont confront her again because the way things are going you might end up becoming paranoid just find a way to hack her phone i have someone that can help you if you are interested.

Yorkmama03 Answered:

I feel like this is a tough situation. My gut instinct says that she is, but I have had a similar situation with my hubby. Granted we have three kids together. I found sexual messages to another woman on his phone, he said there was no intent behind it, but I didn't trust it. Yes he deleted her from facebook, her number, but he can not delete her from where he works. So to protect myself from the lies I decided to agree to an open marriege that didn't work. He was getting upset that I got more attention than him. He has like ZERO game. He jumped at the opportunity saying that he did indeed want to sleep with other women for self gratification, but he said i was the only one he wanted. I am still dealing with all of this but ask her if she wants an open marriage, she might surprise you and say no but if she says yes then you know what is going on.

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