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HATE my in-laws.. help!

I hate my in-laws.
My husband doesn’t understand why I can’t stand them.
They want to come visit, after we have our first baby in a couple of months.
How can I politely tell them, and my husband, that I don’t want them in my home?

3 Answers

Sak_sak Answered:

I understand your situation. Keep your distance with them if you are not too comfortable but why hate them or block them off from your lives completely? They are your in-laws after all and with the baby coming, maybe your relationship with them will transform. Keep your side of the bargain and do your best to improve matters with them. Let your husband not feel that you are not trying enough: it may affect your relationship with him. Be wise; entertain them over the weekend or so. Let them know you are trying. Believe me, there are millions of women out there who do this and it has helped them. It will help you too. All the best. yes

Mark33 Answered:

I know how you feel, I hate my in-laws with a passion too! I cant stand my MIL - she was always jealous of me and hated that her son married me - your situation seems to be the same as mine. I presume there must be a good reason why you hate your in-laws. You can avoid them I feel. Gently tell your husband that you don't want them to stay in the house for such longer periods. But if your husband wants to see them, you have to let him. If he wants to take the baby to see them later,then you must let him. You don't owe your in-laws anything but if you can remedy the matters with them after the baby arrives, then give it a shot or else let it be.

Unhappy567 Answered:

Hello, See, each n every person I'll like and I'll think to be with the son n grand daughter or son, in the old age. But you have to learn to avoid problems. You know very well how much your hubby loves you. Then, you should regret no issues. You tell him to take more care. sbf them later one fine day, your problem will be solved.

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