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Is divorce the only solution to this problem?

My wife is a foreign woman whom I have been dating with for three years before we decided to get married.
We have been trying our best to produce a child after our marriage.
After one year of trying, we failed.
I told my wife we should have a check up to finally know if one of us is infertile.
However, she seemed unfavorable with my idea.
Now, she’s thinking of divorce as the only solution and I’m freaking out.
She said that if one of us is really infertile, then there’s no sense of being tied up, which in fact I don’t understand.
I mean, we should try to work this out, right? It’s for better or for worse.
What should I do now?

2 Answers

Henery Brown Answered:

Your wife has jumped to a pretty extreme conclusion! This is not the 1950s. If there are fertility issues with either of you, there are still plenty of things you can do to have a baby! You can do intrauterine insemination (IUI) where healthy sperm is collected and inserted into the uterus during ovulation, there is in vitro fertilization (IVF) where eggs are taken from the ovaries and fertilized in a lab by the husband's sperm, then developed and placed back inside the mother.
Not to mention PLENTY of other options! Please communicate this to her and let her know that a year without conception is hardly reason to throw away a happy marriage.
There's a great article about the best ways to remain calm during fertility testing that I think you and your wife should look over.
All the best.

AnanthiM Answered:

It's okay to be infertile I know it hurts. But you can adopt a child. This will be great to adopt a child and love him. Instead of just divorce because you can't produce a child. I think Divorce is not an option. You dated for almost 3 years and then you got married. If you love each other then adopt a child. 

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