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My husband and I can't agree on our baby's name.

My husband and I met through a foreign marriage agency, whose representatives introduced us because they felt we would get along well together.
Although we’ve been married for 5 years now, we’ve finally come across an argument that has been ongoing for almost a month now.
We found out earlier this year that I was pregnant and following the revelation that we’re going to have a baby boy, we can’t seem to decide on what his name will be.
Personally, I want to name him Jason Arthur from my two favorite DC superhero characters, with Jason also the name of my beloved father who passed away last year.
While he wants to name him Chandler Joey from his two favorite characters from a TV series called Friends.
I think Chandler is a horrible name to give to a child- not to mention the horrible combination.
What do you guys think? Which of us has the better name?  

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