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She's an online video game addict and I hate it.

For five months now, my girlfriend and I have been living together.
We divided our tasks and bills so we can be able to survive without asking help from our parents.
We’re old enough to stand on our own and we tried to stand on our decisions.
On the first two months, we were able to make it.
When my girlfriend started working at a BPO company, she became too fond of online gaming.
She stopped doing domestic chores already and preferred to lock herself up in our room while playing.
I have noticed that my girlfriend was only doing online games for almost a day and I hate it.
She seldom talked to me and won’t even care if I go clubbing with a foreign workmate.
What made me so mad was that she forgot she’s working.
What should I do with her? How can I make her stop that?

1 Answers

IdkWhy42 Answered:

If she spent almost an entire day on it and is neglecting you and every other aspect of her life, then she has a serious problem. You have to sit down with her and tell her how you feel and what you think will happen to her (health, worklife, your relationship) if she keeps this up. Make it clear that you're worried about the state she's in and try to communicate why.

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