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My Wife has cheated on me for 2 years

I have been married for ten years, with two beautiful childeren aged Six & Three.
My wife is stayhome mum but one year ago a wife of a certain man in the neighbourhood called me saying my wife was cheating with the husband.
I discussed this with my wife and we agreed she would cut all communication with the fellow.
I took her word and i forgot about the issue, thinking its in the past.
Six month's ago my wife organised a birthday party for my mother in law, at the time i was travelling and unable to attend and guess what, my wife brought the other man to the party ( I asked her and she said the man came to sell some stuff to some faily members who were attending) .
Fast forward, two weeks ago the wife of the man called me that she wanted to meet me and i agreed, she had hired a private eye and she handed me cofirmation ( phone records, chat records, photos) .
I confronted my wife and told her its time for us to separate but in tears she is asking me to give her a month or so that she makes a decision ( in the midst of the crying she was saying she doesnt want our kids to grow up without a father) .
Should i press on with divorce or wait for the one month for an amicable separation?

3 Answers

AnanthiM Answered:

As you have given her chance before but she made the same mistake again. I think you need to divorce her. This will be good for you.
She cheated on you once you forgive her. But if she did the same mistake again then she doesn't deserve to be with you. Good Luck ahead.

Kwaps2017 Answered:

Divorce the trust has gone.

IdkWhy42 Answered:

What is the decision she needs a month to make? If it's been going on this long, and she has kept going back to him, you need to cut things off with her as soon as you can. The children will be better off with separated parents than with parents who resent each other, and you can still see them without being with her. It sounds like you've already decided you want a divorce, so end it and tell her you want things to end smoothly enough for the sake of your kids. You can still be parents without being a couple.

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