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I’m so jealous and I don’t know how to deal with it

My twin sister has a better life than me.
I can say that between the two of us, she’s the more successful, lucky, and favored one.
She always lands the best-looking guys and has a good paying job.
Unlike me, I’m stuck with a measly desk job and always end up with cheating boyfriends.
Then just recently, my sister won a “win free tour to Costa Rica” and I’m about to lose it.
I feel like quitting my job and sell all my things to travel around the world.
Basically to just drop everything on the spot and go where the wind takes me.
How can I deal with all these emotions?

1 Answers

IdkWhy42 Answered:

First, if you desire a better job, you can go back over your resume and think about all the other places around you that could be hiring. About the men you date, taking some time off from dating and relationships to focus on yourself for a while will help you feel more independent and confident. If the jealousy is really eating at you, talking with a friend (or an online counselor) can help you get all of your thoughts out in the open so that you can process them better and find ways to overcome them.

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