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​I saw my sister's profile on one of those matchmaking sites

While doing my science homework last night, I came to this matchmaking site which I find interesting.
I was busy browsing through its interface, even typed to search women by ID when I saw a profile very familiar to me.
I opened it and found out that it was my sister.
I was taken aback and surprised that my sister, who is very conservative and sensitive is part of a dating site! Should I tell my parents about this? Or should I just talk to her and tell her to remove her profile for security purposes.
I need opinion from y’all!

1 Answers

IdkWhy42 Answered:

Is your sister presenting herself in a bad way? "Security purposes" makes it sound like she's giving away too much information about herself. If she's posting inappropriate photos, giving out personal information, or just on the site for the wrong reasons, then you should stop her. But if she's simply looking for love, she isn't doing anything wrong. You should definitely talk to her first about why you're concerned and try to be calm and reasonable with her. Explain how you feel about what she's doing, and try to understand how she feels as well.

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