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Are they just friends?

I've recently found out that my husband befriended a girl nearly a year ago and he has never mentioned her to me.
I met her a few weeks ago at his work place.
She doesn't work there but even though she's married with kids she has started to pay him visits daily after she requested His services, bringing her kids too.
Her husband is abroad with work most of the time.
After a while I found out that they actually know each other pretty well, she knows my husband's daily routine, what he likes and sometimes buy him drinks.
( the very one he likes).
When I asked him who she is he just told me that she's a girl living nearby his work place and that she just passes by daily but mostly to talk with my mother in law.
She seems to be doing that indeed, mainly alternating between the two.
Yet, she and my husband seem very close and natural together, they know a great deal about each other and they have each other's numbers.
What worries me is the fact that He failed to mention to me a new female friend whom he sees daily.
Could they like each other more than in a friendly way?

1 Answers

Sonny Answered:

Honestly I have been through a similar situation and although it was quite innocent and simple talks in the beginning ,it blew into a full fledged emotional affair over time upto the extent of secret lunch dates and walks and hikes and going out of the way to help each other.So my advice please keep a close eye on how things are going between the two and do not be fooled like how I was.Confront your husband right away if you feel something is fishy or alarming.

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