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How to ask online gf to meet up?

I met this girl online and we’ve been chatting ever since.
We’ve already seen each other over Skype calls so I can say that she’s not catfishing me.
I also did search for some love tour testimonials to make sure that the site I was in was really legit.
Better safe than sorry, right? So now that I have really confirmed that she actually exists, I was wondering how I could ask her to meet up.
The problem is we don’t live on the same state.
My plan is to fly over to the east coast to see her but I don’t know how to tell her without sounding so creepy.
Help me please

1 Answers

Wikifresh Answered:

You seem you like this girl. All you need to say is " Hey. Do you want to meet up? I have been egar to meet you and I feel like this can go some where. Talk to you later. Bye". That is all. Just saw what is in your heart. It may sound cheesy but it is true. You got this! Go tell this girl how you feel.heart

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