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I saw my best friend kissing my girlfriend.

Three weeks before my girlfriend and I’s anniversary, I bought two plane tickets for a Ukraine ski trip.
We both love outdoor activities and thus, skiing will be a perfect bonding time.
It was supposed to be an anniversary surprise.
Nonetheless, it was me who was surprised.
I was heading to their house when I saw my best friend’s car parked at first street before my girlfriend’s house.
I wonder what was he doing there.
I was about to pull over and get out of my car to ask him.
With the help of the moonlit night, I noticed he was not alone.
Someone was sitting in the passenger’s seat.
I rejected the idea of pulling over and drove past them.
For the last time, I looked at their silhouette.
When they kissed, I laughed thinking it would be his next target.
Yet, to my surprise, it was my girlfriend he was kissing.
I stopped the car just right in front of them.
My girlfriend noticed my presence and got out of my best friend’s car immediately; so as my traitor best friend.
Though shocked with the mind and heart numbing scene I just witnessed, I still managed to get out of my car.
My girlfriend started to cry and was about to move closer to me.
I stopped her and right then and there, I didn’t realized that my tears began flowing down my cheeks.
Without a single word coming out from my mouth, I moved smoothly inside my car and drove away.
I deactivated all my social media accounts and cut all the connection I have for the two of them.
What they did was unforgivable.
Am I doing the right thing or should I give them a chance to explain their sides?

1 Answers

IdkWhy42 Answered:

It sounds like you're in the right. If you really think you should hear them out, be stern and do not let them manipulate you. If it's a bunch of, "(S)he kissed me, I didn't kiss her/him," "It was the heat of the moment," "My lips have a mind of their own," nonsense, cut them off.

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