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Should I give up on a single mistake?

My girlfriend cheated on me with her officemate.
I knew she was when she got to the shower one night and left her phone unlocked on the bed.
Someone called, so I picked it up and answered the call.
As soon as I did, the guy on the line called me baby which I presume was for my girlfriend.
I was dumbfounded and left there speechless.
My girlfriend got out of the shower room and was shocked when she saw me holding her phone.
I asked her why.
I asked her what did I do to deserve such.
She only responded with a cry and said she was sorry but I didn’t know what to do anymore.
I left without listening to her explanation.
I know that everyone of us deserves a second chance, however, her mistake was inexcusable.
She cheated on me and I can’t tolerate that.
Am I being too hard on her? Do you think I should let her explain and get on with our relationship? But what if the same thing happens?

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