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Need help with my online dating profile.

I signed up for a dating website that I’ve been told is the best foreign affair matchmaker site nowadays and want to get started.
I need some tips on how to make my online dating profile as interesting as possible, because I feel like with all the men joining these things, I need to make mine somehow stand out from the rest.
What do women usually look for when browsing through profiles? Should I be a hundred percent honest with my profile or embellish it a bit to get a better reaction?

2 Answers

Lakersgirl Answered:

Hey, you should think about what exactly is going to make you stand out and work on your own strong point. All people are different. You need to understand what exactly are you looking for in a partner and decide what qualities of hers (or his) are the most important to you. You should also understand what you are strong in and work and advertise that. For example, I am gay and I am happy with my sexuality and when I was looking for a partner first thing I did was work on my own image and understand what type of person I was the world to see. What type of image I want them to have of me. 

Olivia88 Answered:

Think about how would you feel if the woman that interest you lie on her profile. You will get a totally wrong imagination about her and it is not a good start. Even you may lose interest in a certain person when you simply discover that she is not what she represents. That is how the woman will feel if you lie for anything on your profile. One relationship should be based on trust, so I strongly recommend you to be honest on your profile, no matter if it sounds attractive or not. You can skip telling some things that you don't want to discover about yourself, especially at the beginning but it does not mean that you should lie. So, write about your interests, how you want to spend your free time, do you love to travel? Have some favorite destination where you have been and maybe you would like to go again with your match? Or maybe you love some sport or good cars? Talk about it, women would love to hear about your favorite things. Maybe you know to cook something? Think about the things that can impress the person who is reading, but take care to be the truth. The most important thing for your dating profile is to add a good profile picture. Only you should be on it and the picture to be recent, bright and to show your face clearly. If you have more than one picture don't hesitate to upload. Woman want to see you on more than one picture because your look may be the reason why someone would like to contact you.

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