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Wedding do-over, need creative proposal idea

My wife and I got married young.
We didn’t have the support of our families, so just did a courthouse wedding.
I couldn’t even afford a real engagement ring.
We’ve been married 20 years, and I want to give her a special day.
The kids, mostly grown now, are in on it with me.
What’s the most creative way you could think to propose for a second time?

2 Answers

Sak_sak Answered:

What a lovely idea! Make it big - do everything you can now that you could not back then ! I hope you have a great big celebration! yes

Julia_fernands Answered:

Congratulation, on this great idea and this is very sweet of you. I think your kids will definitely support you and yes you should get a nice diamond ring for her now and calling in all the family makes good sense too.

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