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How to obtain Alimony?

Fresh from 8-year finale marriage that was filed with my ex-spouse, due to some inconvenient reasons and conflicts that we encountered in everyday living.
Mostly is the budget that is related to our 2 kids, on how they will have the proper education and future needs.
Maybe we're a family that is considered to be in a middle stage of income source, and we got previous issues regarding to debts and payments.
In any case, both of us faced all these debts indeed, and for some instance, my main point is to discussed or gather some information on 'How to receive a spousal support after divorce?' Or is there any things that are required upon obtaining it?

2 Answers

Hanna Baker Answered:

Seeking alimony is a conversation you need to have with your lawyer. Spousal support is usually requested by whichever partner has the lower income, so this is really something you need to talk over with your lawyer.
There's a great legal guide, found here, that talks about what you need to know before heading into a divorce , including how to get alimony. I hope that helps!

Geekjones Answered:

Alimony, now usually termed spousal support, is an amount of money paid to a spouse by the other spouse during the process of obtaining and/or following a divorce. While the usual recipient is the wife, there are times when the husband will receive alimony. Determining factors for deciding who receives alimony, if indeed either party is eligible, are complicated and require a well-qualified and experienced family law attorney.


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