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A foreign teacher has been mistreating my son.

As from what I know, my son now has a foreign teacher who is relatively new in the job.
She’s been implementing strict rules and guidelines for him and his classmates.
The rules seems a bit too harsh and mature for children of his age.
She’s been reinforcing behaviors such as running, laughing too loudly, drawing while she’s teaching and so on.
My son’s only 6 years old.
I feel as though he doesn't need a teacher that strict at his age.
I’m planning to talk to his teacher and give her a piece of my mind.
I just don’t want my son to become stressed or anything.

2 Answers

Grayskies Answered:

I understand not wanting to stress your kid out but these are fundamental things a child must learn. Your supposed to be the mom and she’s the teacher she’s just giving him life lessons. But like I said speak to the principal and just make sure your kid isn’t getting singled out. Also go to school and visit she how she acts

Grayskies Answered:

Don’t just talk to the teacher talk to her boss... the principal. But you also have to realize he’s just starting school and he’s going to come home everyday with complaints. They have to tell kids not to run to be safe and talking quietly we all had to learn that at a young age also she’s implementing respect when she tells him not to draw while she’s teaching lessons

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