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Asked by Last Updated:

I want my parents to get back together.

Since I was a child, my grandparents took care of me.
My parents got divorced over a shallow reason or maybe I just didn’t know the truth behind their separation.
After 20 years of being separated, my mother told me my dad started communicating with her.
My dad didn’t remarry after a long time and so as my mom.
However, they are in a bad blood situation as far as I can remember.
I heard them one time arguing about international dating blogs.
I didn’t know what happened between them.
My father started to talk to my mom often when he visits in the house.
I have no idea what’s going between them but I’m glad.
Is that a good sign that there’s a bigger chance they’ll get back together? Please tell me it is.

1 Answers

Rally Answered:

For sure they would get back together soon because when there is misunderstanding between a couple and no COMMUNICATION is bound to happen.


Replied on Jun 27, 2018

I hope so Rally.
I've long been waiting for that.

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