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Wife newly disabled. Anyone else in my shoes?

Has anyone else had a spouse that became disabled? I’m 26 and my wife was in an accident, and will need a wheelchair to get around.
Needless to say, nothing prepared me for this sort of thing, I’ll be her caregiver and husband.
I’m determined to make this work, but it’s overwhelming to think about.
I’d love to hear from others that have made the best of a rough situation.

1 Answers

Unhappy567 Answered:

I think it's already amazing that you think this way. very few people can do this and such an event can shock most and make them change their minds. so first be nice to and appreciate yourself . talk to a specialist who can help you and your wife overcome this situation. be nice and patient with her and strengthen your bond emotionally with her.... in time, i hope she gets healthy and is back to living a normal life. and when that happens, you will look back and be amazed how well you did. good luck!

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