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I am 34, a woman, married for 10 years, my husband suffers incapability in sex.

I am 34, a woman, married for 10 years, my husband suffers incapability in sex.

4 Answers

Franklyman Answered:

It's been years since you posted this bit I am curious how everything is. I am in a 26 yr marriage and have the same issue unfortunately from my wife due to a hormonal medical condition. I'm lonely and hurt more each day and I'm hopeful to get a womans perspective of a similar scenario. Any advice would be appreciated. I've never told anyone but I'm hitting a wall inside of me that is hard.

AlinaNelson Answered:

You don't say what kind of incapability your husband has. But if he has a problem with erectile dysfunction then I will give you information about oral medicine here.
The problem of erectile dysfunction has become common nowadays. stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, certain prescription medications, sleep disorders, drug uses, consuming too much alcohol, using tobacco producers all of these causes cause erectile dysfunction. But, now this problem can be easily got rid of. It has many different treatments such as therapy, vacuum pump, oral medicine, etc. 

Sylvia Answered:

Consult a therapist... it works! Solve the problem with an open mind.

Rebeccas_dmp Answered:

First consult a qualified sexalogist. Incapability in many cases due to stress, over work and alcoholism. Even if the problem is something connected with phisique, most of them are curable. You should also involve in keeping him happy by way of dressing in a presentable maaner when comes from office, and frankly discuss him about the problem also. Every man has different activity for his arousal and his performance is mainly depending on your cooperation. Your problem can easily be solved.Good luck.

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